Electronic House: 2009 Home of the Year


Electronic House’s Home of the Year sits on the Hollywood Hills with amenities that tech geeks are quite familiar with. “CinemaScope theater, 7.1-channel surround-sound, intricate TV concealment, extensive automation—but we don’t often see them shine together in such a spectacular location, with equally stunning results. This home can’t settle for anything less than red-carpet treatment.”

The tech meter in this home is unparalleled but we’re disappointed in some of the interior aesthetics. Who designed this place?

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electronic-house-home-of-the-year-2009-1 electronic-house-home-of-the-year-2009-2

electronic-house-home-of-the-year-2009-3 electronic-house-home-of-the-year-2009-4

electronic-house-home-of-the-year-2009-5 electronic-house-home-of-the-year-2009-6

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