Barnes & Noble Launches eBookStore with 700K Titles, Leaves Amazon in the Dust

Barnes & Noble Launces eBookStore

With Amazon’s share of the ebook market’s pie getting larger by the day, Barnes & Noble has launched the “world’s largest ebookstore” in hopes of turning the tables. With 700,000 titles to start, versus 300,000 available for download on Amazon’s Kindle eBook device, we think it’s a pretty good effort.

The company’s strategy is solid, with a partnership with Plastic Logic to develop an ebook reader to compete with the Kindle in the works, as well as their “every-book strategy” that would bring the ebookstore purchases to any device. Although Blackberries, iPhones and computers were mentioned, we’re not surprised that the Kindle was not. Let the takeover begin, my friends. I can’t wait to see Plastic Logic’s ebook reader when it hits the market early next year.


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