Leica Goes Golfing with the Pinmaster Rangefinder

Leica Pinmaster Rangefinder

Known for its solid lineup of cameras, Leica‘s unveiled the Pinmaster Rangefinder, hoping to help golfers get “closest to the pin.” As SwipeLife explains, “closest to the pin” is a contest that involves getting tee shots that make it on the green the closest distance to the flagstick, and is a staple of charity golf tournaments, corporate outings and amateur golf tourneys. “The Pinmaster Rangefinder is a tool that gives golfers the upper hand by measuring the exact distance to the pin. With a range of up to 820 yards, all the user needs to do is aim the Pinmaster’s eye-safe laser beam at the pin. It also features a 7x magnification and a large field view of 347 feet at a distance of 1,000 yards (ideal for playing peeping tom).”

The rangefinder Leica Pinmaster comes standard with a storage pouch, a battery and a cord of transportation for approximately 550 euros.


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