The 10 Highest-Paid Sports Teams in the World

Looks like English Premier League football club Manchester City has the best-paid players in the world, according to the new Global Sports Salaries Survey. Published in Sporting Intelligence last week, the survey shows Man City’s average annual pay per player coming in at $8.1 million, with the New York Yankees ranking second as the baseball teams comes in at $8.0 million per player. Four out of the top ten teams are based in the US, including the third place Los Angeles Dodgers at $7.8 million, sixth place Brooklyn Nets at $6.8 million, and ninth place Chicago Bulls with $6.1 million. Check out the full Top 10 below.

1. Manchester City (UK) – $8.1 million
2. New York Yankees (US) – $8.0 million
3. Los Angeles Dodgers (US) – $7.8 million
4. Real Madrid (Spain) – $7.6 million
5. Barcelona (Spain) – $7.4 million
6. Brooklyn Nets (US) – $6.8 million
7. Bayern Munich (Germany) – $6.7 million
8. Manchester United (UK) – $6.6 million
9. Chicago Bulls (US) – $6.1 million
10. Chelsea (UK) – $6.1 million


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