LIX 3D Printing Pen

LIX is a professional tool that lets users sketch in the air without using paper. The 3D pen helps to create anything, small or big, from details to prototypes. It comes in a sleek aluminum body and offered in a matte finish. LIX is the perfect tool for making writings, accessories, decoration pieces, art and crafts, artistic jewelry, prototypes, and any different forms of drawings. The possibilities are simply endless. So how’s it work? LIX is similar to 3D printers as it melts and cools colored plastic, letting you create rigid and freestanding structures. The hot-end nozzle is powered by its USB port and houses a plastic filament that runs through a patented mechanism while moving through the pen to finally reach the hot-end nozzle which melts and cools it down.

Check out the video below to learn more and head over to Kickstarter to order your LIX 3D Printing Pen.

[embedvideo id=”90314569″ website=”vimeo”]


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