OM/ONE Levitating Bluetooth Speaker

OM Audio caters to the quality production of personal audio devices that fit your living space and lifestyle. David DeVillez, founder and CEO of OM Audio, shares his enthusiasm for project OM/ONE, the world’s first levitating Bluetooth speaker. DeVillez’s audio experience serving in the Navy as a sonar tech truly allowed him to learn the skill of sound propagation as well as his former position as Director of Operations, R&D and Engineering at Velodyne Acoustics. The OM/ONE runs on Bluetooth 4.0 hardware and has a built-in Type 1 Microphone that can be used for conference calls or meetings. When detached, the orb serves as a portable audio speaker. In addition to the orb’s 15-hour battery life, the base product looks well-polished with its blue light, chrome accents and brush metal finish. Last but not least, the OM/ONE easily connects to all major smartphones, tablets and computers. Listeners can enjoy the OM/ONE by itself or pair with another OM/ONE for exceptional stereo sound. A perfect gift for the holidays, pre-order the levitating bluetooth speaker at OM/ONE.


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