Onyx Wearable Communicator

Though we’ve seen many wearables hit the market that are geared towards fitness or extending the use of our cellular devices, OnBeep’s Onyx is the first to work as a group voice chat that works anywhere you have a data connection. That means you can link with friends across the room, across town, or even on the other side of the globe from you. And to keep things seamless, you can even pair it with your headphones and mic. One of the founders is a Nextel alum so you can see where some of the inspiration’s coming from here, especially for the core instant messaging feature. Beyond that one-to-one messaging, you can create, manage, and communicate with groups and see the position of everyone in said group as well as their status on an Android or iOS device. Head to OnBeep’s website to learn more about Onyx and to place a pre-order.


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