Cooking with Blade & Skillet

It seems like less and less folks know how to cook good meals these days, simple because they don’t have the luxury of time. Young professionals are stuck between working long hours, managing relationships and squeezing some shut eye in there as well. In comes Blade & Skillet, a new service that’s really starting to gain some traction. For as little as $1.95 per month, you get access to the company’s growing database of videos that help you cook really delicious meals that don’t require a culinary degree. Each video is 3 minutes or less. The ingredients can be had at any local grocery store and each meal requires basic cookware as well as a sharp knife and a cast-iron skillet. That’s it. And beyond the fact that you love food, let’s not forget all the brownie points you’ll be picking up. Something to think about. They’ve recently expanded into appetizers as well and are releasing a new app recipe every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday until Christmas. Head to Blade & Skillet to learn more and sign up today.


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