An Exciting Peek at the New Lotus 3-Eleven Coupe


British Sportscar manufacturer Lotus has always been about making lightweight, fast cars. Now, we’re getting the first look on what may be their most powerful creation yet: The new Lotus 3-Eleven Coupe. The 3-Eleven Coupe recently made its debut at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. Designed in the classic Lotus style, it sports a ridiculously powerful 4.8-L V6 engine in a ridiculously light 1,984-lb body. Lotus says there will be both road-ready and race-ready versions available. According to its spec sheet, the 3-Eleven Coupe is capable of producing up to 450 bhp of power. To address the inevitable safety concerns, Lotus claims its monocoque is made of a top-secret material that’s 40% stronger than fiberglass, backed up with a roll cage. Only 311 models will be made. Check it out here and see them on the road by Feb 2016.


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