‘Kill Your Friends’ Official Teaser Trailer


Author John Niven’s comedy cult classic ‘Kill Your Friends’ is coming to life with a new screen adaptation. In 1997, the British music industry saw bands like Oasis, Blur, and The Verve rule the airwaves. Steven Stelfox, a twenty-seven year-old A&R man, is working his way through the music business and trying to find the next hit record. Stelfox is ‘living the dream’ filled with ambition, greed and recreational drugs.  However, when the music industry begins to change, he takes the concept of ‘killer tunes’ to a new level, involving murder, in a desperate way to try save his carear. The film stars Nicholas Hoult as Stelfox, Craig Roberts as Darren, and Ed Skrein as Rent. Kill Your Friends will be released sometime in September.


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