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The New BMW-Powered HNF Heisenberg XF1 Mountain Bike


BMW has partnered with German bike manufacturer HNF Heisenberg on a full suspension, belt-drive electric mountain bike. The HNF Heisenberg XF1 uses a BMWi patented swingarm allowing the drivetrain and electric motor to move with the suspension of the bike, rather than having it hard-mounted to the frame. This is also the first time BMWi (the BMW sustainable mobility program) has worked on a bicycle. The HNF Heisenberg XF1 is powered by a Bosch e-bike system using a 400Wh lithium-ion battery designed to last up to 81 miles per charge. It includes an integrated computer that displays information about the electric drive and measures distance and speed. Check out the ulta-futuristic bicycle at the HNF Heisenberg website for details.