Pepsi Perfect From ‘Back to the Future’ Is Getting Limited Release


Fans of the iconic Back to the Future movie trilogy will soon have a chance to own the Pepsi Perfect, the Pepsi that Marty McFly bought at a diner in Back to the Future II. It’s not a new brand, but it’s the same 16.9-oz bottle especially designed for the movie. And you can get yours for only $20.15 – well under the $50 Doc Brown gave Marty in the film.

1,500 of the Pepsi Perfect limited release bottles will be distributed at the New York Comic Con this weekend, but only to fans who come dressed as Marty. Many of the remaining 5,000 bottles will be sold online, and Pepsi also recommends that fans stay updated through social media to know exactly where else the bottles will be sold.

The Pepsi Perfect limited release celebrates the fact that in the film, Marty McFly traveled to the future, to this month and year, and got his Pepsi Perfect along the way. Now let’s hope somebody figures out the hoverboard before the year ends.

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