Seashore Library in China by Vector Architects


Chinese design firm Vector Architects has recently completed the Seashore Library at Bohai Bay, China, about three hours’ ride from Beijing. The Seashore Library is part of a much larger compound of dwellings that provides a much quieter, meditative lifestyle than the typical Chinese metropolis. The spaces within include a large, two-level reading area that’s oriented towards the ocean in the east, a multi-function activity room, a peaceful meditation space, a resting area, and a bar.

The Seashore Library is located almost on the water itself, allowing for a greater intimacy with the water, air, and sunlight. The reading area has operable windows that can be opened in pleasant weather, while the smaller meditation space only has two 30cm slits along opposite walls, allowing no views but carefully measured amounts of light and ocean sounds that vary throughout the day.

The Seashore Library uses board-form concrete, which retains the grooves and imperfections from the casting process. The result is a beautiful play on light and shadow, giving the interior spaces many different moods from sunrise to sunset. Check out this seaside masterpiece in the gallery below.


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