Day at The Track With The Corvette Stringray

Presented by eBay

The American automotive industry’s been through a lot in the last decade but current-generation C7 Chevrolet Corvette Stingrays is the leader of the new school of American automotive engineering. It’s got aggressive design elements and delivers the best bang for your buck. We were recently invited to the Corvette Track Experience, a full day of fun taking place at New Jersey’s NJMP race track, with an entire fleet of C7 Stringrays. It’s about the closest thing to heaven any fan of American Muscle will come across. We got into a multi-hour run of driving these beauties around NJMP’s Thunderbolt track while having some short classes somewhere in the mix also. Head on over to our Guide on eBay to read more about the experience and see some killer shots of these beauties.


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