These Overalls by DRx Romanelli Are Made From Recycled Levi’s

DRx Romanelli Recycled Levi's Overalls-00

Levi’s has just partnered with LA-based designer Darren Romanelli and his DRx collection to release a very limited selection of recycled Levi’s overalls. What makes this collection extra special is the fact that each overall is made up of recycled Levi’s products, patchworked back together. Each overall also showcases an apron customized by Tetsuzo Okubo of ‘A Love Movement.’

Darren has used Levi’s as a base material for his artwork since he started his DRx line in 2001, so this collection marks a notable milestone in his partnership with the denim giant. Only 10 of these unique DRx recycled Levi’s overalls will be made, and each will retail for $1,800 exclusively at Maxfield in Los Angeles. Check them out in the gallery below.


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