The Latest Daniel Arsham Sculpture Uses Eroded Ashes and Selenite Crystals

New Daniel Arsham Sculpture Uses Eroded Ashes-01

Artist and Snarkitecture co-founder Daniel Arsham has a new addition to his list of creations. This piece of artwork depicts a massively incomplete woman’s form, made up of volcanic ash and rocks. The only visible parts of this Daniel Arsham sculpture are her head, arms, and lower legs, with the torso and upper legs missing. If you’re a fan of Arsham’s work, you may find some similarities between this creation and his ‘Fictional Archeology” exhibition.

Also, if you look closely at where the woman’s limbs are broken, you can see some of Arsham’s detailing using light, translucent selenite crystal shards. Take a closer look at the latest Daniel Arsham sculpture in the gallery below, and be sure to visit his website to see his other works of art.


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