Stromer’s ST2 is the Most Advanced E-Bike on the Market

Stromer’s really starting to gain some traction with their line of well-designed e-bikes, with the Stromer ST2 leading the pack. There isn’t a detail overlooked as the Swiss brand’s introduced a new motor that delivers 500W of power as well as 35Nm of torque. In layman’s terms, that’s a ton of power. And beyond that, the ST2’s also able to go nearly 100 miles on a single charge. The ST2 also features a new user interface on the frame that provides remote, wireless interaction between the bike and other products like the Stromer Portal or your smartphone. And using your phone, the Omni app lets you remotely tune the e-bike’s settings and even activate anti-theft. The Stromer ST2 comes in two different styles, Sport or Comfort. Winner of Interbike’s E-bike of the Year award, the Stromer ST2 is available now through select retailers. Check out more shots of it below.


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