The Wilson X Basketball Helps Players Shoot Smarter

It’s amazing how technology’s been advancing in recent years, from helping folks track sleep patterns so you can catch extra Z’s to putting the power to do just about anything from the palm of your hands. And although you can have a virtual trainer on your smartphone, tech that focuses on a specific sport is pretty much nonexistent. Wilson’s changing that with the Wilson X Smart Basketball and its accompanying smartphone app. It takes a regulation-size basketball and infuses it with an internal sensor to track each shot you take and log your shooting habits over time. From a training and practice stand point, this is a huge win and when you blend the features with a real-time app, even playing alone becomes more enjoyable. The app presents users with four different game modes and really functions as a vocal companion so you never have to actually pick it up to review shots while playing. What’s even greater is the fact that you can share results to your favorite social channels, similar to how you might share your daily running progress or how you did in the gym. Head over to 453 And A Half to learn more about the Wilson X connected basketball and all the accompanying app’s features.


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