Here Are Two Custom BMW K100 Bikes from Impuls

The BMW K100 is getting really popular amongst motorcycle enthusiasts and so we’ve seen a ton of great custom builds based on the chassis, the latest being these two from Germany-based Impuls. Led by Philipp Wulk and Matthias Pittner, the shop’s fitted these aging beauties with upgraded components like the engine, wirework and anodization of the current metals. Two artists also designed the fuel tank and cowl parts to really create a unique shell. Fabian Gatermann offers up a white polygonal design that’s reminiscent of the Next 100 Years livery on BMW’s M6 GTLM race cars. Matthias Edlinger’s design has more of a collage work and a ton of gold detailing. In the end, we get two bikes that are meticulously restored and fit for the road as much as an art gallery. Head to Impuls to get more details.


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