Raden A22 Carry Connected Luggage

The luggage industry has been ready for a refresh and there are a few new players that are aiming to deliver. The latest is Raden and their Connected Luggage system. Made from a lightweight polycarbonate shell, the A22 Carry comes in TSA-approved 22″ dimensions, making it an ideal carry-on companion. It’s available in a range of colors but the real kicker is the accompanying mobile app and built-in tech. With that comes the ability to track the location of your luggage, see how much the piece weighs, and even has two USB ports for on-the-go charging. The port station can be removed from the bag in case you need to separate from your luggage for a bit. The interior’s got polyester lining and the hard shell is guaranteed to protect your goods, no matter how TSA treats it. Raden’s also got a 28-inch version that’s perfect for checking in. Check out the Raden lineup now.


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