Abbott NYC

Abbott Offers Adventure in a Bottle

Abbott NYC

Abbott, a scent startup in New York, is carving out a new and innovative path in the scent world and has recently launched its online experience for everyone to witness. The company was founded by two men, Michael Pass and Jose Alvarez, who moved on from the corporate life in order to set their sights on creatively integrating their shared love for fragrance and travel. There was something special about smell and its connection with adventure that truly spearheaded the brand – “of all the senses, scent has a knack for transporting us back to those sacred places. That’s the idea that inspired Abbott.” What the two ended up producing was a brand of down-to-earth scents that aim to capture the feelings of adventure and wanderlust in a bottle.

Pass and Alvarez definitely don’t skimp on quality. Abbott provides the best of both worlds – a unique, conceptual scent that is also crafted by some of the world’s leading scent-makers, including noses who have created perfumes for Burberry, Givenchy, Valentino and Marc Jacobs. There is also a careful consideration of ingredients; a balance of natural and synthetic materials is ensured for precision, safety and environmental stability. While the scents are made to take you on a journey, you can start from home. Abbott has launched a retail program that allows customers to get try-on kits before the full sized bottles arrive at the end of the summer. For a mere $5, you can test out the brand’s four scents: mojavesequioia, telluride and the cape. Check it out for yourself here.


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