George Frost FW16

George Frost FW16 Inspired By Art Deco

George Frost FW16

George Frost has unveiled its new Fall/Winter 2016 collection and the Art Deco era-inspired collection is appropriately named The Machine Age. The collection takes a modern perspective on the early 20th century decorative arts movement through the creative lenses of designers Marlon Taylor-Wiles and Lisa Salzer. There’s a coherent vision with The Machine Age line, which “features clean, sleek designs that reference the work of forward-thinking architects and engineers who developed the concept of industrial streamlining.” Even the subtle technicalities of the products utilize the scientific thought processes of that time period.

The collection has notable pieces that one shouldn’t miss. One key accessory is the Velocity Bracelet, which features “smooth angles and distinct parallel lines that sit next to the iconic ‘V for Victory’, signifying speed and forward-moving direction.” The Pursuit Series has Nike, the goddess of speed adorning all the pieces to emphasize the message of power and movement. Bringing something more unique into the collection, the Ballstic Ring doubles as a game in one’s hand with a 14 karat gold ball that has to be caught in a shallow hole on the flat surface of the ring. All the pieces have been crafted in New York City with a “distinct combination of semi-precious stones, hand-stitched leather, sterling and gold-plated brass and white bronze as well as vintage Czech snake beads, custom-made clasps and glass beading, among other materials.” Check out the George Frost FW16 collection in the gallery above and purchase your own piece here.


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