Dubai Becomes Home to Bentley’s Largest Showroom

Bentley Showroom Dubai


A large 75,000 square-feet expanse of Dubai ground is now home to automobile powerhouse Bentley’s largest showroom. From Mulsannes to Bentaygas to Flying Spurs to Continentals, all of the brand’s cars will be available at the luxurious shop, which sports a dynamically lit aesthetic made up of 160,000 LEDs that broadcast Bentley’s videos and a rainbow of its signature colors. An Aqua Graphic Water Curtain welcomes customers to the extravagant six-floor facility, on top of its number plate recognition technology capabilities. It’s no surprise that six floors of Bentley products provide a closer look at the innovative customization process that goes on behind the scenes and the numerous paint colors available for the luxury cars. Check out the stylish showroom in the gallery above.


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