Ferrari Gives The GTC4Lusso An Upgrade


Ferrari introduced the all-wheel-drive hatchback Ferrari FF in 2011, dubbing it “the most versatile Ferrari ever.” We saw them upgrade that model last year with the GTC4Lusso by adding more space and comfort than the FF model. Ferrari sought to push the limits on the GTC4Lusso model by introducing the GTC4Lusso T which houses a twin-turbo V8; leaving the iconic Ferrari V12 engine in the past. What the Lusso T gains in torque (about 650 lb-ft) more than makes up for the loss in horsepower attributed to the engine swap. A key reason for Ferrari’s swap for the V8 engine was the growing demand for a Ferrari that can be driven frequently, and that’s exactly what they delivered. Though Ferrari has only unveiled computer renditions of the new hatchback, we will be seeing a real-life unveiling at Paris Motor Show 2016.


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