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Necessity Sense Debuts First “YELLNOW” Collection

Necessity Sense

Taipei retailer Ne.Sense is building on the success of last year’s Point One capsule collection and coming out with a new brand called Necessity Sense. The collection fuses social commentary with fashion, as each piece is meant to evoke a cultural issue through a sincere and honest creative interpretation. Starting the brand off is its YELLNOW debut line, which draws inspiration from the 1850s Gold Rush when Chinese laborers were forced to separate from their homes strictly to work and struggled to create new identities in America. The fashion exhibited in the collection incorporates Eastern influences through the silhouettes and features unique pleats, intricate embroideries and contrasting color palettes that highlighted the tense coexistence of luxury and poverty during that time. Check out the lookbook in the gallery above and head over to Necessity Sense’s website to shop the looks online.