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Introducing GINA: The Smart Coffee Maker


Believe it or not, but there is a smart coffee maker in development that will make your brand new Keurig 2.0 a fad of the past. The makers of the widely-successful ‘GOAT’ mug are introducing their latest invention, the ‘GINA’ smart coffee maker. GINA combines 3 contemporary coffee features: top-quality coffee, technology, and social media, allowing you to create your own unique brew of coffee and sharing it with the GINA community. The creators of the technology found a way to incorporate a scale, french press, pour over, and cold drip systems into this aesthetically-pleasing stainless steel masterpiece – all of which can be controlled through the GINA app for easy use. The company started a kickstarter to raise sufficient funds for a higher-scale production. Having already raised over $115,000 of their initial $50,000 goal, GINA seeks to change the way that people interact with their coffee for a more personal and intimate experience. For a pledge of $145 or more, you can reserve your early-bird model, scheduled for delivery in April of 2017.

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