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‘Function of Beauty’ Designs Custom Hair Products Unique To You


Do you believe that your hair products should be a homogenous blend of chemicals designed for millions, or a personalized solution produced for your specific hair type? Function of Beauty is a new personalized hair care brand that celebrates individuality. The company believes your shampoo and conditioner “should be as unique as you and your hair.” By working alongside MIT engineers, they have been able to develop proper technology to meet the specifications of your hair. The custom hair care line has already received rave reviews and has been featured on Cosmopolitan, Vogue, and The New York Times. Starting a just $32 dollars, ordering is a simple 3-step process: select your hair type, pick 5 hair goals, and personalize your formulation. Head on over to functionofbeauty.com to learn more about the innovative hair product and make a purchase.

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