TUDOR Black Bay Fifty-Eight Navy Blue | Perfectly Sized with Classic Detailing

When the TUDOR Black Bay Fifty-Eight was released in 2018, it was a breakout moment for a brand that’s been a cult favorite and just five years removed from re-entering the US market in a big way. And as the Black Bay line has expanded, so has the brand’s loyal fanbase. In fact, their latest Black Bay Fifty-Eight in Navy Blue might pull in a ton of folks that weren’t considering a Tudor already. The main reason is while this iteration is not much different from the classic Black Bay Black, this finish delivers versatility with its understated, utilitarian detailing.

There’s tremendous history behind this “TUDOR Blue” finish, dating back to 1969 when the iconic brand first introduced a diver’s watch with a blue dial and bezel. It became quite popular and eventually saw it picked by the French navy for its own TUDOR watches during the 1970s. With the Black Bay Fight-Eight now taking on this livery, TUDOR blends classical styling with a modern and extremely wearable watch.

The dial’s executed to perfection and already has folks asking, “What’s it like in person?” It’s understated when it needs to be and comes alive in the sun. For anyone that does quite a bit of sailing or diving, the nautical spirit of this color and this watch will have it feeling right at home. The snowflake hands may be a point of contention for some but we’ve always seen it as a signature TUDOR detail that will never tire. There’s nostalgia behind it and reminds me of all the time I’ve spent hunting for the perfect TUDOR Submariner.

The 39mm steel case of the Black Bay Fifty-Eight Navy Blue is so well balanced and being just 11.9 thick makes it wearable in just about any setting. Inside is TUDOR’s in-house chronometer-certified MT5402 movement which features an impressive 70-hour power reserve, a variable inertia balance, and a non-magnetic silicon balance spring. The thinner lugs on this 39 help give the BB58 an effortless but well-proportioned design. The silver markings on the bezel play well here also and something we may preferred on the Black Bay Black as well.

The TUDOR Black Bay Fifty-Eight Navy Blue is paired with your choice of a blue jacquard fabric with silver band, blue “soft touch,” or riveted steel bracelet. The soft touch strap is made from a flannel-like, tactile material while the blue jacquard fabric with silver band really brings it all together quite nicely.

See more of the TUDOR Black Bay Fifty-Eight Navy Blue in the gallery and head to your TUDOR retailer to see it in person. Pricing is $3,375 when paired with a strap and $3,700 when bought with the riveted steel bracelet.


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