Wild Nutrition Vegan Protein Formula Helps Boost Immunity, Energy, and Focus

Wild Nutrition has created a vegan protein powder that supplements one’s energy, immunity, stamina, and focus. 

The Wild Nutrition Vegan Protein + Superfood Blend is a combination of vegan protein, adaptogenic mushrooms, and super greens, providing 16g of protein per serving. It combats fatigue and tiredness and helps support the immune system. 

It has a natural strawberry flavor and can be paired with your choice of milk, fruit, oats, and nut butter. It is presented in a recyclable cardboard tube, with one pack good for 14 servings. 

The vegan protein formula is developed in the UK, not tested on animals, and is cruelty-free. 

Wild Nutrition Vegan Protein + Superfood Blend is now available through Wild Nutrition.


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