The Sperry By Chris Echevarria Collection Redefines Iconic Style

Blackstock & Weber founder Chris Echevarria takes the helm as the creative director for his own line within the iconic Sperry brand. Echevarria’s inaugural collection, aptly named ‘The Sperry by Chris Echevarria Collection,’ introduces four premium footwear pieces that reimagine Sperry’s signature styles. This limited-edition capsule, handcrafted with precision and attention to detail, promises to redefine the boundaries of design while paying homage to Sperry’s rich heritage.

Echevarria’s collection showcases the timeless Captain’s Oxford and Authentic Original boat shoe silhouettes, each meticulously hand-sewn at the renowned Rancourt factory in Lewiston, Maine. What sets these shoes apart is the use of premium materials synonymous with Blackstock & Weber’s reputation for impeccable craftsmanship.

The Authentic Original, available in brown or black, boasts a tumbled bison leather upper and a smooth Horween leather collar, embodying a perfect blend of sophistication and rugged durability. The speed hook closure for its laces adds a modern touch, ensuring both style and functionality.

Meanwhile, the Captain’s Oxford, arriving in black or tan, features a luxurious hairy suede upper sourced from the esteemed English tannery CF Stead, paired with full-grain leather binding. These design choices reflect Echevarria’s vision of infusing freshness into iconic styles while staying true to Sperry’s roots.

‘I’m a long-time Sperry fan, wearing Top-Siders as a kid in school, so this collaboration hits home for me,’ expresses Echevarria. Every detail, from the material selection to the design choices, was made to give people something fresh while paying homage to Sperry’s heritage.’

The collaboration has garnered praise from Elizabeth Drori, Chief Marketing Officer at Sperry, who notes that Echevarria’s ‘distinct design perspective and focus on impeccable quality align seamlessly with Sperry’s legacy of producing timeless, high-quality footwear.’ The collection not only honors Sperry’s heritage but also pushes the boundaries of design, creating a must-have for those seeking a unique blend of classic and luxury.

The Sperry by Chris Echevarria Collection is set to make its debut at Kith’s Paris Fashion Week show on January 17th, creating anticipation before its official release on January 18th. The collection will be available through Kith, Blackstock & Weber, and the Sperry website, with select stores carrying the limited edition pieces. For enthusiasts eager to experience American style redefined, the pricing for each shoe is set at $375.


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