BRABUS 930 Vollkommen | A Modern Masterpiece Based On The Mercedes-AMG S63 E-Performance

Crafted through BRABUS’s esteemed Masterpiece Program, the BRABUS 930 Vollkommen is more than just a vehicle; it’s a testament to the relentless pursuit of perfection by the German tuner. Named after the German word for ‘complete,’ the Vollkommen embodies the fusion of tradition and innovation, seamlessly integrating the raw power of combustion engines with the sophistication of modern electric drive technology.

At first glance, the exterior of the BRABUS 930 Vollkommen commands attention with its sporty yet refined design. From the meticulously crafted carbon aerodynamics concept to the striking BRABUS front spoiler with raised side flaps, every detail serves a purpose. The carbon attachments for the side air intakes and the distinctive BRABUS radiator grill not only enhance the vehicle’s aesthetic appeal but also optimize airflow for enhanced performance and stability at high speeds. It also features carbon attachments that aid airflow to the radiators and brakes, BRABUS Monoblock ZM, 10-spoke design wheels, RDK sensors, and BRABUS Masterpiece lettering on the tailgate.

The interior of the BRABUS 930 Vollkommen is a sanctuary of opulence, featuring a complete Masterpiece interior adorned with black high-grade leather. Every aspect of the cabin exudes meticulous attention to detail, from the exquisite ‘Seashell Diamond’ quilting pattern on the seats to the anodized cockpit elements in ‘Shadow Gray.’ Optional features such as the ‘Sky Blue’ interior elevate the luxury experience, setting the BRABUS 930 Vollkommen apart.

The heart of the BRABUS 930 Vollkommen is the BRABUS PerformanceKit PowerXtra B40E-930, a powertrain that combines traditional combustion with modern electric drive technology to deliver unparalleled performance on the road. With a staggering output of 930 hp and a massive 1113.7 pound-feet of torque, this modern marvel accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3.2 seconds, delivering a driving experience reminiscent of a purebred supercar. Despite its substantial weight, the BRABUS 930 Vollkommen boasts an electronically limited top speed of 290 km/h, ensuring a thrilling ride every time you take the wheel.

The valve-controlled stainless steel BRABUS sports exhaust system enhances the driving experience, providing the perfect soundscape to accompany the vehicle’s impressive performance. Whether cruising on the highway or navigating winding roads, the BRABUS 930 Vollkommen delivers a driving experience unlike any other.

For those who demand nothing but the best, the BRABUS 930 Vollkommen is available exclusively through BRABUS’s official channels. As for the price, exclusivity comes at a cost – inquire directly with BRABUS for pricing details and customization options tailored to your preferences. For more information and to inquire about the car, please visit the official BRABUS website.


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