Adidas Copa America 2024 Reveals Home And Away Kits For Football Fans In The Americas

As the anticipation builds for the upcoming Copa America 2024, Adidas has unveiled a stunning array of home and away kits for some of the most esteemed football federations in the Americas. These bold new designs blend traditional elements with modern cultural identity, catering to a new generation of fans and players alike. The collection, which includes kits for Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, and Peru, is poised to redefine football fashion with its exclusive blend of style and performance.

Each jersey in the collection is meticulously crafted to evoke a sense of pride and belonging, drawing inspiration from the rich tapestry of each nation’s culture. From fresh applications of national colors to innovative reinterpretations of traditional patterns, every design element tells a story of heritage and passion.

Argentina’s home kit stands as a testament to its illustrious football history. Its iconic blue and white hues infused with fresh gold detailing symbolize recent global achievements. The away kit, distinguished by a regal royal blue color, pays homage to Argentina’s status as a football powerhouse. Subtle nods to the national flag accent the kit, creating a jersey that embodies both tradition and triumph.

Chile’s home kit exudes energy and passion with a mosaic of red squares, representing the fervent support of their dedicated fans. Inspired by a new generation of supporters, the graphics are designed with a youthful flair. The away kit embraces Chilean traditions with a noble white base reminiscent of the snow-capped Andes Mountains, contrasted by vibrant blue and red highlights, igniting La Roja’s spirit for the summer tournament.

Colombia’s jerseys feature a captivating phoenix motif, symbolizing resilience and transformation. The home kit proudly showcases the phoenix’s wings along the side panels, serving as a protective emblem for players facing fresh challenges on the field. In contrast, the away kit exudes intensity with its dark base color and striking flamed orange detailing, embodying the team’s unwavering passion and determination.

Mexico’s kits celebrate the country’s vibrant culture with eye-catching folk-art patterns adorning both the home and away jerseys. The home kit pays homage to the iconic symbol of the Eagle, with intricate feather graphics symbolizing speed and precision, while the away kit features a mesmerizing serpent pattern inspired by the Mexican coat of arms, symbolizing power and greatness, creating jerseys that reflect the dynamic spirit of Mexican football.

Peru’s home kit reimagines a classic design with the iconic red sash against a pristine white backdrop reminiscent of past triumphs. Drawing inspiration from traditional Peruvian music, the jersey features a textured graphic inspired by the Peruvian Cajon instrument, symbolizing unity and harmony among fans and players. The away kit boldly incorporates the traditional red sash into a unique textured pattern, creating a striking visual representation of Peruvian pride on the global stage.

Crafted with the latest Adidas technologies, including HEAT.RDY and AEROREADY these jerseys are designed to keep players comfortable and dry even in the most intense moments of the game. Lightweight and breathable, they offer unparalleled performance on the field.

The new Copa America 2024 Home and Away Kits join the Venezuela kit already available from select retail stores and at selected Adidas retail stores. Future releases include kits from the Jamaican and Costa Rican Federations. All Adidas federation jerseys are also available via and select online retailers.


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