Our Legacy WORK SHOP x EVAC Capsule | A Fusion Of Utility And Performance

In a groundbreaking collaboration, Our Legacy WORK SHOP has partnered with the multidisciplinary initiative External Vacancy—EVAC—to unveil a capsule collection tailored for intrepid souls who brave the great outdoors. Crafted from residual and deadstock Our Legacy fabrics, this exclusive apparel merges the rugged functionality of workwear with the technical precision of performance gear, ensuring optimal protection for adventurers in the most demanding environments.

The genesis of this extraordinary venture traces back to a visionary endeavor spearheaded by EVAC’s founder, Sean Pettit. Embarking on a quest to erect a fortress-like structure atop a remote peak in British Columbia, Pettit and his cohorts embarked on a four-month odyssey dictated by the unforgiving terrain. In a testament to human resilience and ingenuity, they fashioned a sanctuary harmonizing seamlessly with the surrounding rocky expanse, embodying a symbiotic relationship with nature’s raw essence.

Pettit articulated the profound journey, stating, ‘We entered a primal state of being to exist in this beautiful yet harsh environment. The structure was created as a place of gathering where we could be completely consumed by what is in front of us in the present moment. Our survival depended on it.’ This ethos permeates the essence of the Our Legacy WORK SHOP x EVAC collaboration, infusing each garment with a profound reverence for nature’s immutable laws.

Central to the collection are the meticulously crafted essentials designed to withstand the rigors of outdoor exploration. The Chisel Hoodie, fashioned from Moss Green Micro Fleece, boasts Japanese stretch ripstop panels and semi-concealed zippers, offering both insulation and maneuverability. Complementing this is the Flint Jacket, crafted from Slate Grey Dry Wax Canvas, exuding understated elegance with its relaxed boxy fit and corduroy trims. Rounding out the ensemble are the Quartz Cargo pants, available in Fir Green or Schist Grey Peached Tech, featuring versatile functionality and impeccable craftsmanship.

The Our Legacy WORK SHOP x EVAC Capsule is now available for purchase. Explore the full range of offerings at the official Our Legacy webstore, WORK SHOP in Stockholm, and Our Legacy’s London and Berlin stores.


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