Warriors of Radness x BEAMS California Dreamin’ Lookbook

Warriors of Radness x BEAMS Collection Lookbook

Warriors of Radness delivers a capsule collection with Japan’s BEAMS, something we think bolsters the brand’s international appeal and shows the far reach of American fashion. The California Dreamin’ collection features a printed trunk style short, two photo print tees by Grant Rohloff, and two photo print tees by Anthony Friedkin. The Rohloff tees, “For Surfers Only” and “Surfin Wild” are inspired by two of the Rohloff’s surf films while the Friedkin tees are from the artist’s body of photographic work on the California coast.

All pieces are available exclusively at BEAMS stores throughout Japan.

In Stock | Beams Plus Spring/Summer 2011

In Stock | Beams Plus Spring/Summer 2011Outside Japan, we don’t see Beams Plus hit many stockists and if they do, American buyers are usually shit out of luck. Sweden shop Tres Bien has taken stock of the Japanese brand’s Spring 2011 offerings so you should head over there to see what’s still up for grabs. Some of the pieces worth checking out include the double breasted blazer with polka dot detailing as well as the hooded “Alligator” parka that’s based on an old coat from US-bran Alligator that was around in the 50-60s.

Shop Beams Plus at Tres Bien Shop.

BEAMS Lights Weave Belt

BEAMS Lights Weave Belt [Made in Italy]

BEAMS‘ Lights collection drops a few new pieces, including this weave belt in three different colorways. Made in Italy, they’re everything you’d expect, from the craftsmanship to the overall look and uniqueness.

Look at all three colorways after the jump.

Johnson Woolen Mills x BEAMS Backpack

Johnson Woolen Mills x BEAMS BackpackJohnson Woolen Mills x BEAMS Backpack

We’ve profiled alot of great travel accessories as of late  and these backpacks can be added to the list. “Johnson Woolen Mills and BEAMS hook-up in the creation of a series of backpacks. The design comes in as a mix of traditional patterned materials alongside a solid-colored main pocket. Three different versions are available in a decently sized format.”

More info and images of all the varieties after the jump. (via Hypebeast

Beams Autumn/Winter 2009-10 Catalog

Beams Autumn/Winter 2009-10 Catalog

We want what we cannot have. It’s simple human nature, but it especially holds true for the fine items in Beams’ A/W ’09 catalog. A wonder display of the best the Japanese have to offer, the lookbook gives us a sense of all the things we’re doing wrong and how we can correct them. Beams+ has always done a wonderful job with styling and presentation, something the A/W ’09 catalog doesn’t lack.

More images after the jump. (via ACL

Spring 2009: Beams Catalog


ACL has gotten their hands on Beams’ Spring 2009 catalog, leaving us as much jealous as we are impressed. It’s upsetting to know that the Japanese label isn’t available in North America/Europe but a guy can dream, can’t he? As you look through the catalog after the jump, notice the enormous amount of collaborations, most of which we’re very happy with.