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BEAMS Partners with New Balance, L.L. Bean and Arc’Teryx for Spring 2020 Bags

Japan’s BEAMS’ Spring 2020 collection is sure to include plenty of must-have pieces but their bag offerings are already starting to stand out. Among the bespoke pieces are collaborations with New Balance, Acr’Teryx, and L.L. Bean as well as Japanese label F/CE. The range includes everything from lightweight totes to mountain-ready packs with BEAMS’ sub-label lineup all getting in on the fun. BEAMS BOY gets two shoulder pouches and a Mantis 22 backpack from Arc’Teryx, all featuring BEAMS branding atop neutral and earth tones. The womenswear sub-label also features a genderless accessory in the form of New Balance’s “Advertisement Market Tote.

Technical garment and accessory label F/CE. delivers a 3-way helmet bag in CORDURA-woven nylon for BEAMS LIGHTS. The convertible carryall comes in your choice of black or olive and features flight jacket-inspired orange lining. To round things out, BEAMS Plus and L.L. Bean give us a spin on the heritage brand’s classic Boat and Tote in Deep Bottom, offered in tan as well as Deep Loden finishes.