New Apple MacBook Unveiled at Apple Watch Keynote

Apple showcased the new MacBook at today's Apple Watch keynote in Palo Alto, bringing forth the thinnest and lightest MacBook yet. In fact, it's 24% thinner than the 11-inch MacBook Air. And it features an all-new, full-size keyboard that's sits...

Apple showcased the new MacB...

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A.P.C. for Incase MacBook Pro and iPad 2 Sleeves

A.P.C. for Incase MacBook Pro and iPad 2 Sleeves

Incase and French label A.P.C. have teamed up for a few accessories for your MacBooks and iPad 2s. There’s a protective sleeve for the 15″ MacBook Pro and a book jacket for the iPad 2, with both being available in two designs. One of the designs is actually exclusive to the Asia market. This capsule collection combines the nuanced look and feel of the finest selvage denim from Japan with superb device-driven design. The clean, minimalist design of the A.P.C. Book Jacket and A.P.C. Sleeve evoke the essence of simplicity, while premium denim and leather trim offer an exceptional look and feel.

Apple MacBook Pro Now With Thunderbolt I/O

Apple MacBook Pro Now With Thunderbolt I/O
Attention early adopters: Apple’s updated their line of MacBook Pros with some beefed up performance. The aluminum shells remain but one of the standout features is something that most probably haven’t ever heard of. The Thunderbolt port allows you to connect high-performance peripherals and high-res displays to a single port. Transfer rates are theoretically upto 10 Gbps which is just nuts. There aren’t that many Thunderbolt-compatible peripherals out right now but that should change over the coming months.

Apple 11-inch & 13-inch MacBook Air, Starting at $999

Apple 11-inch & 13-inch MacBook Air, Starting at $999

Apple’s extremely popular MacBook Air just got a much-welcomed facelift. At the Cupertino-based company’s “Back to the Mac” event, two new versions of the Air were unveiled, an 11- and 13-inch model. The “World’s Thinnest Notebook” will come with all-flash SSD storage, making the sleep to wake time pretty quick. Of course, there’s a multi-touch trackpad and a long-lasting battery which will dish out anywhere from five to seven hours of energy plus up to 30 days of standby depending on the model you pick up.

The resolution on the screen is pretty impressive, given the fact it’s only 0.19 inch thin. Oh, is that a FaceTime camera we see? The one on the MacBook Air is thinner than the one you’ll find inside your iPhone 4. Cool thing to note is that FaceTime for Mac is now in beta and available for all Mac users. This means you can FaceTime with folks with own an iPhone 4 or the new iPod Touch. Things definitely just got a heck of alot more interesting.

The best part about the MacBook Air, aside from the lightweight shell, internal goodies and outstanding performance given the size of the damn thing, is the price. The Air will start at $999, which really makes it an easy sell.

Wood Wood Laptop Bag

Wood Wood Laptop Bag for 13-inch MacBook [Fall 2010]

Denmark’s Wood Wood has some great accessories at pretty affordable prices, this premium leather shell for your laptop being one of them. The case is perfect for your 13-inch Mac, considering that’s the only laptop manufactured anymore. It’s simple, durable and comes in this camel brown finish that will give your daily commute a nice pop of call during the winter days. Just saying.

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Curated by Arkitip: Evan Hecox for Incase

Curated by Arkitip: Evan Hecox for Incase [iPhone + MacBook Cases]

With the continuation of Curated by Arkitip, artist and designer Evan Hecox displays his fascination with the urban landscape on Incase products, presented as the sixth installment of the well-received collaborative effort. “Available today, the Evan Hecox series has been issued in three limited editions: London, New York and Tokyo. As the project’s first artist to present a series of products, Hecox brings to life nontraditional depictions of the famed cities and their associated national emblems on our signature MacBook Sleeve and iPhone Slider Case. Hecox filters the mundane into captivating illustrations of London, New York and Tokyo seemingly filled with narratives beyond the images themselves, and applies them to MacBook Sleeves. The Hecox Slider Cases complement the three Sleeves, bearing instantly recognizable national symbols of the three cities. Hecox re-imagined the symbols through his stylistic approach, resulting in artistic interpretations that are both familiar and new.”

All products from Hecox for Curated by Arkitip are available now at Arkitip, Incase, better boutiques and Apple Store locations worldwide.

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Twelve South Bookbook Hardback Leather Case for MacBook

Twelve South Bookbook Hardback Leather Case for MacBook

Twelve South designs accessories exclusively for Mac, with the Bookbook being one their finest creations yet. BookBook is a one-of-a-kind, hardback leather case designed exclusively for MacBook and MacBook Pro. Available in a Classic Black or Vibrant Red finish, the case is definitely one to have. Each BookBook is individually handmade and distressed, ensuring no two are exactly alike. From dual zippers with leather pulls, that at first glance look like bookmarks, to the sturdy reinforced hardback covers, BookBook is, “A vintage work of art built to protect modern day Macs”.

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