Tivo, Myspace, and AIM coming to BlackBerry smartphones

Yesterday, AOL announced that AIM and ICQ instant messaging as well as AOL Mail are coming to BlackBerry smartphones.  Today, there were more announcements making crackberry addicts jump for joy.  One announcement was by TiVo and another one was made by Myspace.

Users will now be able to send pictures from their BlackBerry device’s camera app to their friends on AIM or ICQ, and see AIM or ICQ messages in their regular BlackBerry smartphone inbox.  There’s a lot of integration with the BlackBerry Address Book, allowing users to associate a contact in their IM contact list to the respective contact in their BB Address Book.  Calling a person, emailing them, and sending them a MMS or SMS can all be done seamlessly through their AIM or ICQ session.

TiVo’s announced that it will let BB users control their DVR recordings on-the-go with a new app that’s coming soon.  The program will let you browse through program guides and schedule recordings right from the phone.

Myspace showed off a new BB app that makes messaging, commenting, and other things in Myspace simpler than ever before.  The most interesting feature is probably the camera integration, which lets you take a photo and have it shoot right over into your profile.  These types of features have been done before by Facebook and that app has been out for about a year now.

Do you think these apps are groundbreaking for RIM?  Will it help them keep market-share?  Let us know!


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