WTF: 9-year old mimics UK TV personality Gordon Ramsay

If anyone’s ever watched Hell’s Kitchen on FOX, then you’re familiar with Gordon Ramsay, the host and extraordinary chef.  He’s got a filthy mouth and after watching this, you’re probably going to think, “WTF has this guy done to our youth.”  Or not.  You’ll probably laugh as hard as we did.

In one episode, the blonde 9-year-old, dubbed Little Gordon, screams at his mom for putting “anaemic” white bread in his lunch box when he asked for granary. He looks innocent, but that kid’s the f’in devil.  The clip shows the boy throwing a ham and cheese sandwich and launching into a Ramsay-style tirade. When the mother walks out crying he unsympathetically remarks: “It’s embarrassing. Here comes the water works.”

Little Gordon’s actually played by an actor, and is dressed in a chef’s trademark white uniform with spiky hair, blues eyes and cheeky grin.

There are three different episodes and the third happens to be our favorite. He launches a long rant at a school dinner lady. “What’s the meat content of these sausages? Is there any? Because it tastes like dog —” he adds “I’ve been coming here over two years and ever since Margaret became dinner lady she’s been out of her depth. “No wonder the kids are now bringing packed lunches.”

The real Gordon Ramsay’s impressed after seeing the videos. His son actually thinks that its him in the video when he was younger.

Writing on the website, Little Gordon says he is “on a personal mission to rid the world of rubbish food and pathetic service.”

Despite the obvious resemblance to Gordon Ramsay, the company denied the character was based on the famous chef.  Check the video below and tell us what you think.

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9-year old mimics Gordon Ramsay:


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