Hansa Latrava water faucet by former Mercedes designer


Former head of design at Mercedes Benz Brune Sacco has channeled is creative mind to designing an extraordinary water faucet. The Hansa Latrava doesn’t resemble a water faucet in anyway until you use the on-off switch and see a stream of water cascade down. The water flows side ways but ends up in the right place and the color-coded water-temp LED indicators make it a sight to see. 

More images after the jump.  

hansa-latrava-brune-sacco-water-faucet-1 hansa-latrava-brune-sacco-water-faucet-2

hansa-latrava-brune-sacco-water-faucet-3 hansa-latrava-brune-sacco-water-faucet-4



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