Verizon goes ‘Very’ cloudy with new campaign


Brand New‘s gotten sample shots from Verizon’s latest re-branding efforts, which drastically revamps the Verizon image. Although the campaign is not set to go live until July of next year, it shows no sign of the “Test Man,” instead replacing him with extensive usage of the word “Very”. And it all started with a website.   


“With the recent purchase of Alltel, cementing its position as the largest cell phone company in the U.S., ahead of competitor AT&T, Verizon is embarking on a timely campaign that establishes Verizon Wireless as, simply, the very best and will attempt to lure even more customers. The campaign also marks the launch of a new identity that replaces the graphic speed logo that is now almost ten years old.”


“Customers no longer take heed of concepts of speed, or breadth of network – they just assume those as a given. Our new idea stems from several directions, that everyone’s words, text and pictures let them share universal thoughts, together. In addition, we’ve been developing the crucial new concept of a ‘wireless cloud’ and that comes over most strongly in the new word-marque.”


Read more about their new re-branding efforts at Brand New


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