Por Homme NYC Guide: Where to Shop [For Men]

NYC Guide: Where to Shop [For Men]

After plenty of sleepless workdays, we’ve finally assembled our list of top stores in New York City. We covered alot of ground, going from spots down by Bowery all the way up to Columbus Circle. Obviously, not each shop made it, as we’re trying to stay true to our principles. We’re here to deliver tailored content that’s relevant and worth the pixels so if the shop was great on aesthetics and horrible on service, that alone might have disqualified the shop. There aren’t any department stores mentioned because I’m assuming you all know what to expect when you go to Barney’s or Bloomingdale’s.

So that’s really about it, hit the link to check it out and just note that it will be continuously updated as other shops come out of the wood works. We’re also working on a guide for dining as well as one for going out, both for the city that never sleeps. If anyone’s interested in compiling a list for other cities, we’re certainly open to that. Don’t hesitate to get in touch. Enjoy!

NYC Shops [For Men]


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