Style Rituals All Men Should Follow This Spring

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The shift in seasons is always exciting. It’s where all that time in the gym during the first few months (weeks for some) of the year pays dividends and you can finally ditch being wrapped under a blanket all night and actually go out and do something.

And with Spring now in full swing, we thought it might be a good time to share some things that we’ve picked up over the years. Check it out below and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Spring cleaning is real

Above all else, your house or apartment needs a thorough cleaning. This includes everything from cleaning out your bathroom cabinet to dusting furniture and bookshelves. This is also when you can shuffle your gear around and tuck the heavier stuff in the back of your closet and bring the spring and summer stuff to clear light. Expect to spend less time hunting for what to wear and more time getting things done.

Ditch the heavy coats

But don’t leave home without a light jacket. You just don’t know what the day (or night) will bring so it’s best to be prepared.

The Navy Blazer

When in doubt, go navy. This is a great save year ‘round but what will matter is the fabric choice. Go with a cotton or linen blend and if you’re feeling adventurous, a subdued seersucker is perfect.

Hang up the raw denim

PLEASE. A light wash with a soft tee over works but something about a stiff, heavy pair of raw denims that makes us a bit uneasy. They’re not the most breathable choice and don’t really get any easier to wear as the temperatures start to spike. A pair of navy or khaki chinos always wins though.

Buy a white oxford button down

This will be your best friend. You’ll wear it to the beach, under a blazer, and over your khakis. Pick a lighter weight and one that packs a sturdy collar that won’t collapse on you after a few washes.

More color, please.

Going with a monochromatic look is cool and all but being able to pull off more eclectic prints in the fall is a long shot so why not take advantage.

Swap out your leather watch strap

As it starts heating up, you’re bound to break a sweat so ditch leather that might start to stink up. If you’re not a fan of metal bracelets, go with a nylon strap or one of the rubber variety for a more sporty look that just works.

Protect your skin

With all the outdoor lunches and walks by the pier, there’s no doubt you’ll be soaking in the sun. Just make sure you put on a daily moisturizer, preferably one that’s got some SPF support behind it.

Keep an extra deodorant stick handy

The same stuff that was lasting the entire day during the winter just isn’t cutting it anymore. To make it through the home stretch, keep an extra deodorant stick in the office or your bag. You’ll thank us when you’re on a crowded subway car and you aren’t that guy.

More color, please.

Going with a monochromatic look is cool and all but being able to pull off more eclectic prints in the fall is a long shot so why not take advantage.

You’ve got a weather app

Use it. When rain’s in the forecast and you’ve got an important meeting, make sure you throw galoshes over your brogues and grab your umbrella on the way out. If you walk in looking like you just got singing in the rain, chances are the deal’s not closing. And you should Always Be Closing.


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