Uber Launches UberEats Food Delivery Service


Uber has launched UberEats, a food delivery service which will bring food right to your door. The menu, available on the UberEats websites changes daily and offers a selection of local favorites, breakfasts, lunchtime specials and other meal options to satisfy your hunger. UberEats charges a flat delivery rate of $3 or $4 and promises to deliver your meal in 10 minutes after your order. But, don’t be alarmed that you’ll receive a quickly-prepared fast food burger. Uber’s restaurant partners offer well-prepared gourmet dishes that won’t make you feel like you’re contributing to the obesity epidemic, but will instead leave you feeling nourished and satisfied. You can choose from a selection of pastas, salads, sandwiches, pies and more. And in only 10 minutes from tapping your phone to hearing the doorbell ring, you can eat well shortly after realizing that you are hungry but don’t have the time for lines, reservations or meal preparation.

UberEats is now available in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Barcelona. To take advantage of the service in these cities, download the official Uber app on the App Store.


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