Uber Co-Founder to Launch Operator, a Concierge Messaging App


Garrett Camp, the co-founder of taxi service Uber, has now launched a new app called Operator. We’ve seen lots of new messaging apps over the years but none geared directly towards small businesses and retailers. Operator is a messaging app which helps connect you to retailers and businesses in a single tap. The app is Camp’s first step into the e-commerce world and although Operator will be competing with the likes of Amazon and Ebay, it offers something that those sites do not, which is interacting directly with other human beings. Operator works like a traditional operator to find the right person you are searching for. The app will allow you to discuss product needs with shop assistants and will provide a history of your purchases so that assistants can match what you’re looking for with your existing tastes.
Learn more about Operator from their website, where you can also join the waiting list so that you become one of the first people to benefit from the revolutionary app.


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