A Look Into Leonardo Da Vinci’s Home, Now For Sale


Leonardo da Vinci’s home in Tuscany, Italy is now for sale. Overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, Da Vinci’s old villa might be your only chance to own anything that once belonged to the original Renaissance Man. Da Vinci lived in the villa in 1502 while working as a military engineer, designing the great walls that still surround the terraces and gardens of the 773-square meter estate. It has 4 storeys and 5 bedrooms, designed particularly for the needs of a prestigious single family, with stone and brick walls, terracotta floors, and copper eaves. In the 1800’s, renovations were commissioned by Elisa Bonaparte, Napoleon Bonaparte’s sister, adding to the already rich history of the property.

The villa costs $14.6 million, which is an interesting cost taken into the context of the value of Da Vinci’s paintings, each of which is easily in the hundreds of millions of dollars. To leave an offer, go here now.


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