It’s Sweater Weather | Here Are The Best Styles and How To Wear Them

Sweater Weather
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When it comes to your closet, there are a few things that you can never have enough of and atop this list are white button downs, shoes, and sweaters. Now, with the weather getting a little cooler, it’s time you restructure your closet and make sure all the wearables are front and center. Shorts and linens are getting tucked away to make room for heavy wools and soft mid layers. Current trends show a ton of muted tones for the fall and winter months (typical), but tossing in a contrasting crewneck can do wonders. And just like every guy’s closet should have a pair of boots, brogues, and sneakers, there are a few must-have sweater styles as well. Head on over to our Guide on eBay to see some tips on which styles to go after and how to wear them.


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