Check Out These Newly-Converted School Building Apartments in Amsterdam


CASA architecten and Standard Studio recently converted the Ons Dorp, an old school building in Amsterdam, into 10 spacious new apartments, each designed to house a family of at least four. The original structure had unusually high ceilings, which made the classrooms ideal for the conversion into loft apartments.

The large open space that originally served as the classroom now serves as each apartment unit’s main living area, housing the living room, dining room, kitchen, play area, and work area in one flowing space. The original concrete floors and steel staircases (which led up to each classroom’s teacher’s lounge, now the bedrooms) were retained, with a plywood platform built under the stairs to add a warmer character, serve as a play area for the kids, and add storage space for toys.

Enjoy the new school building apartments in Amsterdam in the gallery below.


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