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Sony Glass Speakers Offer a New Sound Experience

Sony Glass Speakers

Sony recently unveiled its latest addition to the Sony’s Life Space UX Project – a beautiful LSPX-S1 Glass Sound Speaker designed to blend seamlessly into the environment while providing an unrivalled crisp, clear sound. The electronic gadget has a very unique and artistic aesthetic, emulating an elegant candle with its cylindrical organic glass tube and a warm LED light sitting at the center. The portable Bluetooth speaker is made to fill every corner of the room with its 360-degree capabilities and the use of glass allows this sound to be more amplified, as it can better transmit vibrations from the gadget’s driver. This is particularly the case with the human voice, making the speakers much more suited to vocal-centric sounds than bass-heavy tracks. Buttons and inputs are integrated in a minimalist fashion, adding to its simple yet refined aesthetic. This sleek SPX-S1 Glass Sound Speaker doesn’t come cheap – it’s currently going for $799.99 and can be purchased at the MoMA Design Store or the museum’s online store. More information about the product can be found here.