Lucid Air is the Luxury All-Electric Making Range Anxiety a Thing of the Past

For the past several years, Lucid Motors has been hard at work and the fruits of their labor are finally starting to show as they’ve just taken the covers off their all-electric sedan, the Lucid Air. Peter Rawlinson, CEO and CTO of Lucid Motors, unveiled the luxury all-electric sedan to the world this week and in doing so, may have flipped the entire EV discussion on its head. By just considering its performance numbers, EPA-rated range and charging times, the talk around range anxiety may finally get squashed and usher in a new age for electric vehicles and their ability to go further, faster and with more purpose. But there’s more to the Lucid Air than just these numbers. There’s emotion and an execution like we’ve never seen from an EV maker.

With 1,080 horsepower coming from a dual-motor, AWD setup, the Lucid Air is the capable of crushing the quarter-mile in under 10 seconds, the only electric sedan to ever be able to achieve that benchmark. Their extensive experience in the world’s leading electric racing championship is also helping them to push the envelope and get creative.

Lucid’s taking a holistic approach to efficiency. It’s how the Lucid Air’s able to get an EPA estimated range of 517 miles and we’re still months from these cars officially hitting the roads. The aero design work is smart, purposeful with an aim to reduce thermal loss through cooling as well. Beautiful design elements like the vertical turn signal blade feature a small duct and function as an air curtain to the side of car. This keeps flow clean and allows it to break free out towards the rear of the car. The small vent along the light blade passes over headlights and channels air flow from the hood to the side of the car. Do this thoughtfully a few of times when crafting the exterior and you can see how the Lucid Air gets a drag coefficient of just 0.21.

With all the speed Lucid’s dual-motor setup is churning out, you’d be surprised to know that the motor drive unit is actually super compact. Couple that with clever cell packaging along the base of the EV’s skateboard platform and things get interesting. The space saved helps to drive more comfort and utility for customers. The frunk is 90% larger than the nearest competitor. If owners opt to go with one less battery unit, rear passengers can enjoy a bit more foot space while range estimates will still be in the mid-400s or so. The trade-off might not even be necessary to be honest as the rear’s got plenty of leg room from the shots we’ve seen. Real-life experience with the Lucid Air pending.

Whether it’s 450 miles of range or 517, the Lucid Air will be the fastest charging EV ever to hit the market, allowing for 300 miles of range in just 20 minutes of charging when connected to a DC Fast Charging network.

The Lucid Air challenges conventional automotive design. Future-thinking proportions of the exterior and the brand’s Space Concept philosophy help to deliver a distinct, efficient, and practical luxury sedan. Inside, the 34-inch curved Glass Cockpit 5K display effortlessly sits above the dash. Tactile controls for volume control, climate settings and the steering wheel functions help to balance things out. The in-cabin experience is further enhanced with the presence of Amazon Alexa. If screens and buttons aren’t your thing, everything from navigation and calling to smart home controls can be accessed by calling Alexa’s name.

The Lucid Air will be available in a few different trims, ranging from under $80,000 to about $169,000 USD, before factoring in any federal or state credits. The top of the line Lucid Air Dream Edition will be available first, starting Spring 2021. With the 1,080 hp powertrain and all-in build, buyers will be able to choose from 4 exterior colors, including a Dream Edition-exclusive Eureka Gold finish. Full Nappa grain, Bridge of Weir leather can be seen throughout with Eucalyptus wood accents.

The Air Grand Touring iteration, priced at $139,000, will release at the same time, with 800 horses and the 517 mile range when paired with 19-inch AeroRange wheel and tire package.

See more of the Lucid Air in the gallery and reservations are open now for US and Canadian customers through the Lucid Motors website. Look for 20 Lucid Studios and Service Centers to open across North America by the end of 2021.


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