Ichendorf Milano, Glassware that Marries Elegance and Function

Ichendorf Milano starts production in Quadrath-Ichendorf, a small town in Cologne. Favoring clean shapes and purity of material led to the creation of modern designed objects we are familiar with.

In 1990, the Ichendorf style center was moved to Milan, where it blends tradition and innovation, and now serves as a creative home for glass artists and designers. Ichendorf Milano has also been collaborating with visionaries like contemporary Italian designers Corrado Dotti and Mist-o to come up with pieces that are both functional and an object of art.

Ichendorf Milano glasswares use premium materials such as traditional glass, crystal, and borosilicate. A testament to the brand’s strength is the longevity of its collections, some of which have been on the market for over 50 years.

Starting with the Röemer glassware collection in 1921, which featured ornate detailing, the collections have taken on a nuanced and sophisticated flavor that bridges industrial and interior design. It features Bamboo Grove pieces designed by Anna Perugini, graceful and refined stemmed glassware designed by Margherita Rui, and the color-play of the lampworked Light collection by Alba Gallizia. We can also see the recent narrative and functional design language of the Travasi pitchers collection designed by Astrid Luglio, released in 2021.

Ichendorf Milano collections can be purchased through their physical shops and retailers, as well as from online platforms like HBX.


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